How Contact Center Software is Changing How Customer Service is Done

SubhamAugust 30, 2022
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Were you aware that the contact center software segment was worth $26.93 billion last year?

According to Fortune Business Insights, the market is expected to expand from $30.74 billion this year to a whopping $78.75 billion in 2029. That translates to a compound annual growth rate of 14.4% over the forecast period. So, it goes without saying that the sector is a growth industry.

Businesses that understand the importance of providing the best customer service possible to the consumers who support them are increasingly turning to contact center solutions. These tools are designed to benefit customers and make the jobs of contact center agents easier, too.

Here’s a look at how contact center tools have changed the way customer service is done.

Multi-Channel Support

One way contact center software has changed the way customer service is provided is by offering multi-channel support. Gone are the days when customers could only reach companies by phone. They’re just as likely to want to contact businesses via email, SMS, chat, video, messaging apps, and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

It’s essential to allow customers to get the help they need through the channels they prefer and are most comfortable using. So, multi-channel support is a godsend in this respect. And the more flexible businesses are in providing seamless assistance to customers, the higher the customer satisfaction will be. Multi-channel support is one way contact center software has changed how contact center agents have helped customers effectively and efficiently.

Call Tracking and Monitoring

Yet another way that contact center software tools are changing how companies provide customer service is by offering call tracking and monitoring features. You can automatically keep track of calls from your company to customers–and vice versa–around the clock.

By tracking calls, you can ensure all calls are answered. And by tracking calls, you’ll be able to stay on top of how your agents are doing and ensure they’re following protocol. It’s not about spying on your contact center agents. It’s about keeping them accountable and focused.

Customer Relationship Management Integration

When you get the right contact contact center software application for your business, you’ll be able to integrate it with different customer relationship management tools. This will offer your contact center agents a 360-degree view of customers, enabling your staff members to provide customers with personalized service. When an agent picks up the phone, he will immediately see relevant information about the customer on the other end.

So, agents will see call logs, notes taken by agents in the past, information about previous issues, and more. Since they’ll be better prepared, your call center agents will more quickly and efficiently be able to resolve any customer issues sooner rather than later. You can imagine how this will lead to higher customer satisfaction rates.

Intelligent Routing

Without the right contact center software, your customers will have to wait a lot longer to get the help they need. Agents may have to transfer customers from one person to another or from one department to another to find the right staff member to handle their specific needs. But contact center software will ensure that calls are routed based on your staff members’ skillsets.

So, if a customer calls in who speaks a certain language or needs help with a specific product, your contact center software will leverage skill-based routing to find the right staff member. Connecting customers with the right contact center agents will benefit both parties. On the one hand, the most qualified staff members will be able to help customers with ease. On the other hand, customers won’t have to stay on the line with someone who isn’t sure what to do. With intelligent routing, customers will get to the most qualified call center agents right away.

Analytics Reports

Another way that call center software has upped the game is by offering the option of generating analytics reports. So, you can see how many calls came in, how many calls were received, how many calls were missed, which regions the calls came from, how long calls lasted, how many repeat calls were made, and other important information. You’ll be able to glean a lot of important information by combing over the statistical data. It can be a way to gauge how well departments, teams, and individuals are doing, and to figure out where improvements are needed.

These are just a few ways that call center software tools have changed how call center agents do their jobs daily. Having the right call center solution isn’t just nice to have. In today’s business environment, where customers have more choices than ever, implementing the right contact center solution is something that you need. It’s crucial to prioritize customer satisfaction since dissatisfied customers may opt to go elsewhere.

Leveraging a contact center tool, you’ll be able to meet or exceed the needs of your customers.


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