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Twitter link previews broken on iMessage again

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If you’ve noticed something missing while sharing tweets over iMessage, you’re not alone. Twitter link previews on iMessage appear to be broken for the second time this year.

The issue affects Apple’s rich media preview feature on Messages for iPhone, Mac, etc. Normally, the link preview includes the tweet without needing to click it. Twitter also serves up one image from the tweet if it includes attachments.

During the outage, however, a disconnect between Twitter and Apple servers mean tweet links just say “” with no context. It looks sort of like iOS 16’s new Lockdown Mode that restricts links in Messages from even being opened, but it’s not that severe.

The solution is hardly any trouble. Click the link and open the web or Twitter app to see what’s been shared to you. Twitter preview links are especially convenient, however, when you and your friends share and comment on tweets often.

When this happened before, the issue was on Twitter’s end to resolve. Fortunately it didn’t last too long, but it’s not just you if you’re seeing it again.

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