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ios – How to edit/delete/wipe iPhone (local) keychain items to stop Apps from identifying devices

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So it has not been news that some IOS developers use keychain items to track the uniqueness of devices through App reinstallation. Amazon is a huge one among them. What made my life particularly hard is that recently I migrated my old iPhone to a new one, but later decided to not erase the old one but to use both at the same time. And now all Amazon apps start to recognize both iPhones as the same device. So when I login my account on one device, the account on the other device would be logged out. And I can see only one entry on the amazon online portal for both devices. So the ‘send to device’ function of the kindle app won’t work appropriately. There are also many other inconveniences due applications using keychain items for identification purposes, which I can’t finish listing here, and for obvious reasons, none of the merchants could help us out in those situations on their end.

So the question is, are there anyway that we can somehow edit the local keychain items on the iPhone to stop (poorly designed) app to identify different devices as the same one. Resetting or erasing the entire phone shouldn’t be an option here.

Finally I want to say that I still can’t believe a company as large as Amazon is still relying on some undocumented behaviors for such basic functionalities. Can’t they see the huge security risks behind it? What a poor IOS software engineering team they have assembled….

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