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macos – How to check if my device is owned on MDM?

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I previously registered my personal device with MDM, specifically Microsoft Intune (aka Company Portal) – it installed a bunch of software like Zscaler (and its root certificate) and a lot of Microsoft apps. I regretted it and I want to uninstall it.

I followed the uninstall instructions at Remove device from Company Portal for macOS app and uninstalled the Company Portal App, removed Zscaler root certificate and Microsoft apps, and also that the Profiles section is gone from System Preferences.

Unfortunately, whenever I restart the mac, I see a message below the lock screen: “Welcome to CompanyName”. Without restarting, it doesn’t show up on the normal lock screen, and I have confirmed that system preferences isn’t configured with a lock screen message.

What can I do to disable this message, or this persistent form of MDM.

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