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macOS Quick Actions to launch FFmpeg colorkey using a PNG and a MP4 from Finder

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I used FFmpeg to overlay a PNG file on an MP4 file using colorkey. This is what I mean. As I do this again and again, I wish Quick Actions can help me to do this job quickly on mac.

My code is

ffmpeg -i MP4filename.mp4 -i PNGfilename.png -filter_complex '[1:v]colorkey=0xA64D79:0.01:0.5[ckout];[0:v] [ckout]overlay[out]' -map '[out]' PNGfilename.mp4

Please help me create an Apple Quick Actions, so that I can select two files (1 PNG and 1 MP4) and run the Quick Action to launch the FFmpeg code. The output file should be PNGfilename.MP4.

Thank you for your time,

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