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Access 14 courses on Python computer programming for only $40

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The tech industry has exploded since the ’90s, and with that comes numerous opportunities for programmers. Fortunately, coding doesn’t require traditional schooling. However, to find success in the field, you absolutely need to show employers that you know your stuff.

If you’re looking to make your move into tech, or simply refresh your existing skills, this 14-part Python training bundle could be for you. It offers lifetime access to nearly 1,000 lessons. And it’s a steal at just $40 (regularly $2,798) for a limited time.

Develop your skills on your own time, anytime

Among the industry’s most popular programming languages, Python helps power many popular apps and high-traffic websites you likely already know. Python programmers are in high demand due to the language’s versatility. For example, it’s used for automation, web development and even machine learning.

Spanning 14 courses, each earning five-star ratings from previous students, this educational bundle can prepare you for evolving computer programming needs. These lessons dig deep with data analysis, artificial intelligence and algorithmic strategies. Some courses even have hands-on projects that you can use to build your coding portfolio, which can help separate you from fellow job applicants.

Two of these courses are led by best-selling instructor Joseph Delgadillo, who has helped more than 1.2 million students discover basic building blocks for project creation. His practical teaching approach can prime you to solve real-life Python programming problems.

Whether you want to dedicate several hours per day to learning, or can only invest enough time for one lesson at a time, lifetime access ensures you’ll never fall behind in a class and can always circle back for a refresher. Essentially, users get unlimited access to resources covering Python’s ins and outs. That means you can work toward certification for less than the price of a typical textbook.

Save on the 2023 Premium Python Programming Mega Certification Bundle

Regardless of your current educational or professional outlook, it’s never too late to begin exploring promising new sectors. The 14-course 2023 Premium Python Programming Mega Certification Bundle is built to boost your efforts in an exciting and expanding field for only $40 (regularly $2,798).

Prices subject to change.

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