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macos – Safari keeps closing newly opened tabs, re-opening the tabs that I just closed or navigates back when using with Tab Group

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To illustrate the issue, think opening new tabs from Reddit’s homepage for the posts that you find interesting and then Safari sometimes will just close the last tab you opened as you keep opening new tabs.

Also, it will re-open tabs. For example, you Googled something and opened 1-2 of the results then closed the Google tab and switch to one of the new tabs and suddenly the Google tab will come back.

Lastly, sometimes when you click on a link and navigate to another page in the same site, Safari will take you back. Thin clicking on someones profile on Twitter and just at the moment that the page loaded it will go back as if you clicked the back button.

All this happens only when using Tab Groups. I regularly have 3-5 tab groups with 20-50 tabs opened, I know it’s not ideal but that’s how I do it.

I actually filed a bug report through the Feedback assistant but so far no response. I also don’t see other people complaining about it, so maybe there’s a solution?

I don’t use too many add-ons, I just have AdGuard enabled as an adblocker.

Any idea how to solve this unwanted behavior in Safari?

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