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notifications – Changing sound on Apple Watch medicine reminders

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I just recently purchased an Apple Watch SE for my mom with Parkinsons who is very old and is having trouble remembering to take her pills (which is five times a day). We spent quite a lot of time getting all the various medications entered into Apple Health, which has the ability to remind her to take her medication and says which one to take. However, so far almost every time she hasn’t noticed the reminder or paid any attention. The reminder is a very quiet “Ding”, and even when I turn the watch volume all the way up to the max, she just thinks it’s a sound on the TV or something. I ask her if she heard that and she’s just like “No, can you make it do it again?”. Anyway, so far she’s not capable of paying attention to it as it just happens too quick. What I want is to have more like a ring tone, where it plays something very loud and doesn’t shut up until you press “OK”. I’ve looked through every setting and even changed the “Reminder” sound on the phone, but the watch doesn’t seem to change. It simply makes the same “Ding” sound. Right now, my mom says it would be better if we return the watch so she can just go back to her cheap $20 LCD digital watch she got at Target which she can hear very clearly and is used to. I’m heading back home in a week and she will be living alone again, so it’s vital we fix this. Any solution to this problem, or is Apple Watch just not designed to do this? Thanks!

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