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text – Some code in Monterey or in Amadeus Pro or in Anki “fixes” a Greek letter in an undesired way

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What app or function caused this?

The equivalent of ‘S’ in Greek is written/typed in two ways: σ & ς

ς is always used at the end of a word; σ anywhere else.

I had a large amount of Greek audio and text transcript.  I broke up the text into phrases (where the audio paused).  I used TextEdit to replace all spaces with underscore, and then used the phrases for markers in Amadeus.  Finally, I had Amadeus “split according to markers” to create audio files for Anki to play.

Anki’s “media check” utility gave a long list of missing files and a long list of unused files.  But many items seemed to be on both lists!  After fussing with it for a while, I finally realized that every time ς was not followed by a letter, but by an underscore or a .mp3, it had been changed to σ.

What would have done this?  (It was definitely not a replacement I did anything to induce.)

Another possible culprit was using tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]" to remove capital letters from the file names. But ς is not upper case, so should not have been changed.

Finding it was further complicated by a gratuitous change of composed characters to the decomposed equivalent that also happened in the process.

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