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hard drive – 2017 Intel 4K iMac, broken FileVault decryption

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macOS Monterey on a 2017 4k Intel iMac.

A week ago I turned FileVault on by mistake, so after it finished encrypting the drive I went straight to decrypt it.
Then I assume that near the end of the decryption, it went auto update and rebooted itself.

Now I can’t get into system. I’m now into a dead loop of Reboot->Enter password->"Your computer has restarted because of a problem"->Reboot.
So I’m now in Recovery Mode.

Things I have checked (using Terminal):

  • The drive is shown in Disk Utility as APFS(Encrypted), can be mounted and can read and write
  • diskutil apfs list: The drive disk4s1 (Macintosh HD – Data), Decryption progress: 99.0% (Paused) (Unlocked), Encrypted: No
  • diskutil cs list: No CoreStorage logical volume groups found
  • diskutil apfs disableFileVault disk4s1 -user F0A57C09-753C-46BB-AD66-EC07CBF03DEB: Error starting decryption of APFS Volume: The given APFS Volume is already encrypting or decrypting (-69573)[1]
  • diskutil apfs unlockVolume disk4s1: The APFS Volume disk4s1 is already unlocked (mounted)
  • /usr/libexec/corestoraged: Running or sleeping. diskutil apfs list still shown as Paused.

[1] The UUID is from diskutil apfs listUsers disk4s1.

Now I see it’s stuck in 99.0%, is there a command to continue the decryption progress?

Or the worst, is the only way to save my data is to copy all files to an external drive and do a wipe?

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