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iphone – Settings –> Privacy –> Microphone shows “App Clips” as the only item, no apps listed, and the microphone does not work in any app

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Taking up for example the answer of Microphone not working on third party apps only (iPhone 6):

Under Settings > Privacy > Microphone you’ll be able to allow/deny each app that require the microphone to use it.

I do not see any apps in the list. I only see one item called “App Clips”, and in that item, nothing is listed. How can I get back all of the apps that need the microphone?

The microphone is missing everywhere:

  • filming with front or back camera,
  • voice memos: you cannot even start the record,
  • speech-to-text in Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Threema and just everywhere else,
  • Siri,
  • phone calls with or without headset.

This is just a list of examples that I tried, it is clear that it does not work anywhere else.

I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 15.6.

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