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macos – iCloud Sync Problems

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I have two computers that are both using iCloud Drive. One is a 2018 MacBook Pro and the other is a 2020 M1 Mac Mini. Both are running macOS Monterey 12.5.1.

I frequently alternate using these two machines to edit files stored in iCloud.

The problem is that the files I update on one machine are not automatically syncing on the other machine. The problem goes in both directions.

I’ve only found two ways to force a sync. One is to reboot one or the other machine. (Or log out and log back in.) The other is to manually download the files from and replace the stale files with fresh copies. Obviously, neither approach is practical in the long term.

If I don’t reboot, the sync never seems to take place. (I have waited as long as 2 days.)

I’ve seen posts making clear that many users over the years have had sync problems and would like Apple to provide a mechanism to force a sync. As far as I know, Apple has not provided such a mechanism.

I’m also having numerous related problems with my other devices (an iPhone and an iPad) and I’ve experienced some sporadic data loss, with files seeming to disappear sometimes without my deleting them, but I’ll focus on the sync problem, as it’s the most pressing.

I’m completely stumped. At the moment I only see three alternatives:

  1. Pin down the source of the problem, if it’s fixable.
  2. Switch to a different OS.
  3. Incorporate an alternative syncing mechanism to iCloud (such as cloud storage by Microsoft, Google, or other, or Syncthing, etc.).

I’m planning on switching away from Mac eventually anyway, as are everyone I know using Mac, because of the obvious decline in the quality of Apple products during Tim Cook’s tenure. But the question is when. It’s quite a large undertaking and I’m too busy at the moment to want to do it now. But if it’s the best solution, I’m open to it.

I have no idea how easy it is to replace iCloud with cloud services from other companies.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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