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scanning – Canon Pixma multifunction not detecting scanner via network

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I have a multifunction Canon Pixma MX725.

I’ve connected it to the local network via wireless, same as my laptop.

I installed the drivers from the Canon site.

I added it to “Printers & Scanners”, both trying the “Bonjour” and the “Canon IJ Network” kinds.

The printer works, but Image Capture fails to detect the scanner at all, and I’m clueless about what to do to fix it.

The scanner itself works, as I’ve tried to make a Copy and it just worked normally, so it’s just the computer that fails to find it for some reason.

I’m on MacOS 12.6 Monterey.

PS: even connecting it via USB makes no difference. A new printer appears there, but Image Capture still can’t find it. Not that it matters, since I need it to work wirelessly anyway.

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