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hard drive – Finder corrupt files on copy to external ssd

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Problem: sometimes finder corrupts my files when copying to external ssd.

Reproduction methodology: copy via finder file to external ssd, then check this file

md5 -q ~/Downloads/path/to/source
md5 -q /Volumes/path/to/target

and sometimes hashsum does not match.

I`ve written a bash script to reproduce this problem with terminal cp, and its worked nicely without corrupting files

Script Github Gist

How i can understand what happened with finder and where is the bug?

  • MacOs: 12.3.1
  • Ssd: wd green (not sure about model), Disk utility
    first aid dont get any error. Ssd format – exFat

PS: I`ve also tested this case on windows copy, no errors for 20+ files.

PPS: Same issue on reddit (if we can solve this – can someone who has reddit account, link this thread for them)

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