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ios – What jailbreak tweak will list only the songs of an artist or in an album I liked or hide all that I failed to like in Spotify?

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There is a junkyard bunch of your “liked” songs in Spotify, but what good is that if you can’t listen to, say, all your Michael Jackson records you liked!?

There is even a fake “liked songs” button which, oops, by mere happenstance is named the same as the liked songs (the thousands songs junkyard of yours) that you actually liked. That fake liked songs button inside any artist will show basically popular songs of that artist, songs that are generally liked but you may have never even heard of let alone liked or like.

There is no “[my] liked songs” or “[my] liked albums” within which you would also be able to list “[your] liked songs” and the same is true for artists.

We need “list liked” button inside every category, or a “hide [those not yet] liked”.

Is there a jailbreak tweak to achieve either or both of these on iOS 14.3?

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