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xcode – How to locate the Applications folder in a mounted Catalina installation?

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My Mac Mini is panicking on boot and I can’t recover it using the recovery partition nor I have a current Time Machine backup. Yes, I was reckless, but let’s move on.

I managed to boot the Mac Mini with Catalina installed in a second drive and copied what I believe is all my data to my iCloud Drive. I think I’m fairly well covered, but I don’t completely trust this.

Now I would like to reinstall Catalina on the failing drive and in the process I might have found why recovery is failing: I have 12GB free in the drive and Catalina Install asks me to free an additional 7GB.

I know I have at least one version of Xcode installed in the drive and removing it would free the necessary space, but I can’t find the Applications folder of the mounted drive. I can find the /System/Volumes/Data folder but there is no Applications in it. There is also a /System/Application with what seems to be the default Apps installed by the system and a /Applications which is empty (a mount point, I guess).

How can I find the Applications folder where Xcode would be installed in a mounted APFS volume?

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