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Apple Watch Ultra Action button with third-party apps

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Apple Watch Ultra is the first wearable from the company with an additional button beyond the Digital Crown and side button. While the Action button by default opens the Workout app it can work with other apps that build in support. Here’s how to use the Apple Watch Ultra Action button with third-party apps.

Since it takes work from third-party developers to implement support for the Action button, it will take some time before we see widespread availability. However, one of the first apps we’ve seen take advantage of the Action button is the climbing app Redpoint.

For now, big names like Strava, Under Armour’s Map My Run/Ride, etc. have not released Action button support.

Use Apple Watch Ultra Action button with third-party apps

  1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch (or head to the Watch app on iPhone)
  2. Swipe down and choose Action Button
  3. Make sure Workout or Dive is selected at the top under ACTION
  4. Now tap Workout under APP
  5. If you have any third-party apps with support for the Action button, they’ll show up in the list, choose one
  6. Now you can tap under FIRST PRESS to decide what the Action button will do in the third-party app
  • If you’re not seeing your favorite third-party fitness or other Apple Watch app offer Action button support, reach out and let them know you want to see it 😁

Here’s how the process looks:

Now you can choose any available app that has Action button support. Depending on the app, swipe/scroll down to see all the options for customizing the Action button.

Ultra Action button third-party apps 2

It’s still early for Apple Watch Ultra so it will be fun to watch how developers get creative with Action button support.

And when it comes to first-party options to use the Action button, here’s what you can choose from:

Native options for the Action button:

  • Workout
  • Stopwatch
  • Waypoint
  • Backtrack
  • Dive
  • Flashlight
  • Shortcut (from Shortcuts app)
  • None

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