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data synchronization – How to copy my Apple Music Library from my 2013 MacBook Pro to a new iPad Air?

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I am thinking of buying an iPad Air to replace my old iPad Mini. I would like to download the music files on my MacBook Pro to the iPad Air. The Apple Store guy said to just connect the two devices and it will happen automatically, but I am skeptical that it could be that straightforward.

I use the Apple Music app on my MacBook Pro. I have 8000+ songs, but many of them are in mp3 format and were downloaded from sources other than iTunes or were ripped from CDs.

Does anyone have experience doing this type of download? If I use iTunes to download the songs to the iPad Air, will the songs not bought on iTunes make it over? If they do make it over, will I lose the artwork and tags such as custom genres, album names, etc? Thanks.

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