Better way to access Safari website data on iOS?

SubhamOctober 6, 2022
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It is really irritating to have to one at a time delete hundreds of cookies/caches from websites I have never visited. (Would that Apple would allow us to block third-party cookies).

Is there an API that would allow me to build my own app in Xcode to handle it in a better way? Or something like Cookie 6 (macOS) for iOS? Or someone else’s open source that I can compile?

I’m not willing to jailbreak, nor to install something with source code not vetted by me or Apple.

For example, clearing all website data and then logging in to adds five third-party cookies. Three of them are from domains owned by Facebook, but do not end in The other two are obviously from advertising services.

This is why I use DuckDuckGo for almost everything, and Safari only occasionally. DuckDuckGo lets me clear everything after a session. I use Safari for a few domains where I’d like to keep their cookies only, but the cost of that is consumption of storage space that doesn’t benefit me and prevents syncing all the music I’d like.

The cookies are less irritating than the consumption of limited storage space. But if third-party cookies are accepted, cross-site tracking is implied. Since I cleared all website data (recently), I have not visited any site with “math” in the name. Only Facebook,, and three SE subdomains. Yet I have a cookie from And Safari says it’s size is zero bytes. Obviously, it is at least one byte. But more of an issue are the megabytes of third-party local storage resulting in updates and Music syncs failing for insufficient space.


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