I am new to a Mac and would like to keep my existing shortcuts that I’ve been using on the PC-side of things (Windows / FreeBSD). That said, I installed Karabiner-Elements and that gives me some convenience, but I noticed:

  1. when using a terminal in Intellij, ctrl+x does not work so I am unable to exit nano.
  2. when running a process in the terminal, I cannot hit ctrl+c to kill it. On the Windows (and FreeBSD) side of things, the first ctrl+c would be picked up by intellij as a copy request, another ctrl+c would actually kill the process. Why is this not working the same way on a Mac?
  3. when editing in nano and I want to go to the beginning or end of a line and hit ctrl+a, it doesn’t go to the beginning of the line. I do have “Home key to the beginning of the line (Control + a) enabled.

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