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How to use Ubuntu Keyboard shortcuts and Keybinding in Macos?

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As a long-term ubuntu user, I recently switched to macOS (because of work) having a hard getting used to the macOS keyboard shortcuts. Not just copying and pasting or swapping command and control keys. Looking for something beyond that.

For example (In Ubuntu Linux):

  1. Hidden file – Ctrl + H
  2. Rename a file – F2
  3. open a file – Enter
  4. closing a file – Alt + F4.
    etc etc.

It’s virtually impossible and very frustrating to change every key mapping in the system preferences.

Wondering if any 3rd party libraries would change the entire keybindings?

In Ubuntu, we can replace the entire keybinding with MacOS. Likewise is there anything for macOS to use Ubuntu keybindings?

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