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ios – When I have a new iPhone, can I unlink the old one from my iCloud identity?

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I got the new iPhone 14 Pro and was wondering if I can unlink my old
iPhone from my identity, while still keeping iCloud activated on the

In general, this isn’t possible and shouldn’t be necessary. You either stay signed in, or you sign out.

For example, a contact tried to send me some photos via AirDrop, but
selecting my Contact picture wouldn’t work, instead they had to choose
the device separately.

This could be due to something that hasn’t propagated yet, usually selecting a Contact picture appears on all signed in devices and goes to the first one that accepts it.

Another example would be my alarm clock. Each
day, the alarm goes off on both phones, so I need to turn the old one off each evening.

You need to delete your alarm from the old phone.

Also, can I safely delete it from my device list in
“Find my”?

You should do this if you plan on selling the phone. There’s no reason to do this if you’re keeping the device.

To avoid Find My left behind notifications, open Find My and select the device. You can disable “Notify When Left Behind” on this screen.

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