I’m using various SSDs on a mid-2014 MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina having changed the Mac SSD for a higher size with adapter board all working fine with Trim enabled. I use external SSDs on both USB 3 enclosures and on Thunderbolt 2 enclosures. The Thunderbolt Lacie Rugged and LBD enclosures show that I have enabled Trim Force and are working but is it possible that Trim can be enabled on USB in any workaround? With modern SSDs i.e. Crucial BX MX and NVMe do they have their own built-in garbage collection/Trim that works in the background?

I’m trying to find an adapter for NVMe (I believe to SATA) so that I can put them in one of the Thunderbolt external enclosures I have; I find the complication of type confusing. Many thanks for any help and very happy I’ve found this site.

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