finder – How to make Google Drive save files “locally” on an external drive?

SubhamOctober 8, 2022
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I have my own Google Drive and also a shared drive from my organization.

Upon install and log in, I’m able to move what’s in my own Google Drive to an external drive where I can access files and everything.

The shared drive, on the other hand, is shown in my “Locations”. If I mark anything for offline access, it gets downloaded on to the computer’s (iMac) internal disk (SSD).

I want avoid this in order to avoid wear and tear of the SSD, and also, there isn’t enough space for it all. Can I somehow make Google Drive use a different path for streaming/saving files?

Currently, they are being saved to /Users/me/Library/CloudStorage/ which is on the computer’s internal drive. Yet, Google Drive reports in its settings “Folder location is controlled by macOS.”

I was thinking of hardlinking that path to a location on the external drive, but I don’t want to mess it up as I am not sure if that would work properly.


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