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sms – Is there a way using Shortcuts on an Iphone to forward a text message to another number, if the sender contains an ampersand (&) symbol?

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(similar but more specific to this)

I have seen on Shortcuts that you can setup an automation that if a text message is from x, do y.

We have the need to forward a text message from a service with an ampersand in the from name to other mobile phones (well just the one for now).

I haven’t got that far as I fail on the first hurdle – I can set the rule of “When Message” and “Sender”, however, I can’t put them symbol in the name.

I’ve tried workarounds such as creating a contact that I can put as a sender, however, all the relevant fields only allow for a number, so, it can’t link the text message to the contact.

Short of getting a web to text type service, I just wondered if anyone had any ideas here?

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