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Save on a 5-foot, braided USB-C to Lightning cable before Prime Day

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With these heavy-duty braided USB-C to Lightning cables by Vibrance, you can say goodbye to fraying and fussing. And they’re on sale now, in a variety of colors beyond plain ol’ vanilla white, for just $34.99 (regularly $39).

These Vibrance Connect cables are discounted as part of our Deal Days event. It’s our version of Amazon’s Prime Day, where you can find incredible deals on popular products such as apps, subscriptions and gadgets. You’ll have to move quickly to grab this deal, though. The promotion only runs through October 12.

Lightning cables with a stylish, durable design

With this cable, you can connect your iPhone (and other Lightning-equipped Apple gear) to MacBooks, chargers or iPads that use the increasingly ubiquitous USB-C connection. Essentially, you won’t have to worry about hunting down an Apple-specific cable.

The cable itself may sound simple enough, but it’s quite durable. Made of braided nylon material, with stress-relieving reinforced connectors designed to prevent fraying, these cables are designed to stand the test of time. As one recent customer review wrote: “Good heavy cable. It doesn’t appear to be one that will easily fray and break.”

Plus, while charging cables are incredibly utilitarian, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. These Lightning cables from Vibrance come in stylish colors like blue, silver, purple and green. Plus, they measure a generous 5 feet long. That means you should be able to route them from your outlet to your desk or nightstand with ease.

Save on the Vibrance Connect USB-C to Lightning Cable

Want to add some color to your charging? Get this Vibrance Connect USB-C to Lightning Cable in blue, silver, purple or green for $34.99 (regularly $39) during Deal Days, which ends on October 12, 2022.

Keep them for yourself or share them with family and friends. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for holiday gifts for loved ones, check out the rest of the discounts in our Deal Days collection.

Prices subject to change.

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