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terminal – Importing macOS Caching server data from an external Mac caching server

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Apple Cache Manager Utility question. We have just bought a second newer Mac mini to act as my school’s Primary Apple Caching Server for our ever growing fleet of student iPads (over 500 and counting). I wanted to transfer/import/absorb the Cache from our old (Secondary) server into our new server on the same network…

Wondering if anyone has ever successfully imported a Caching Server’s cache from another using the commands provided by Apple in macOS Help?

I have used variations of this command but have had no success, even when the Volume is mounted remotely using AFP, using the command mount_afp (ref: How can I mount an SMB share from the command line?)

sudo AssetCacheManagerUtil absorbCacheFrom /Volumes/ServerHD-1/Library/Application Support/Apple/AssetCache/Data read-only

Would anyone know under what conditions the command from Apple can be used successfully? Thanks in advance…

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