Best cheap Amazon Echo deals October 2022

SubhamOctober 10, 2022
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Amazon’s current Echo lineup offers a broad selection of smart speakers and displays that can fit just about anywhere in your home. Whether you want to place a voice assistant in your living room, replace the bulletin board in your office, or pick up a touchscreen-enabled device to showcase recipes in the kitchen, there’s an Echo device for just about every occasion and use case.

Regardless of why you might want one, there’s also always a way to save on an Echo device, from the last-gen Dot to the wall-mounted Echo Show 15. Even when they’re selling at full price, for instance, Amazon offers a 25 percent discount when you trade in select devices, meaning there are still other ways to save money when none of the models are on sale.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best deals available on each device in Amazon’s Echo lineup. Many of the current discounts rival those we saw during Amazon Prime Day — which isn’t all that surprising given Amazon’s Early Access sale kicks off tomorrow, October 11th, and runs through October 12th. Also, keep in mind that, in many instances, Best Buy is also offering $10 off the price of a pair of Echo devices, giving you an additional way to save if you’re looking to outfit your home with more than one smart speaker or display.

Best Amazon Echo deals

Last month, Amazon announced the fifth generation of the Echo Dot. It looks more like a sphere than an actual dot — much like its last-gen predecessor — but offers twice as much bass as the prior model and a temperature sensor; it also doubles as an Eero mesh Wi-Fi extender, though, said functionality will also be coming to the prior model at some point via a free over-the-air firmware update.

Despite the new model arriving on October 20th, you can still pick up both the fourth- and third-gen Echo Dot, the latter of which retains the puck-like design of earlier models and is available for $17.99 at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. As for the fourth-gen model, it’s on sale at Best Buy and Home Depot for $24.99 ($25 off), nearly matching its best price to date. Best Buy is also selling the model with a built-in LED display that showcases the time, weather, and other info for $34.99, a far cry from the speaker’s usual list price of $59.99.


The 2020 Echo Dot features a more spherical design than an actual dot but can still do all the things Alexa does with other Echo models.


This puck-like Echo Dot is the third generation of Amazon’s smart speaker. It offers better sound than its predecessor, a compact design, and all the smarts that come with owning an Alexa device.

The best Echo Dot Kids Edition deals

Both the fifth- and fourth-gen Echo Dot Kids Edition are as spherical as the adult versions but designed to look like a variety of creatures, from pandas to dragons. They also come with a year of Amazon’s Kids Plus service, which provides access to a slew of kid-friendly content, including audiobooks and games.

If you’re looking to pick up the latest, kid-centric Echo Dot ahead of its release on October 20th, it’s available for preorder at Amazon and Best Buy right now for $59.99 (its full retail price). The fourth-gen model from 2020 is also available at Amazon and Target right now for $24.99 ($35 off), which is easily the speaker’s lowest price to date.


The Echo Dot Kids Edition is Amazon’s kid-friendly smart speaker. Unlike the standard model, the Kids Edition is available in one of two animal-themed configurations and comes with one year of Amazon’s Kid Plus at no extra cost.

The best Amazon Echo deals

The fourth-gen Amazon Echo also received a makeover in 2020. Like the newer Echo Dot models, the latest Amazon Echo has a sphere-shaped design, but it’s noticeably bigger than the Echo Dot. That said, it also touts a built-in smart home hub and produces better sound than the fourth-gen Dot thanks to a pair of 0.8-inch tweeters and a 3-inch woofer.

In the past, we’ve seen the namesake Echo drop to as low as $59.99, which is the speaker’s current sale price at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target right now ahead of Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale.


The latest Echo has a spherical build and offers better sound quality than the previous iteration.

The best Amazon Echo Studio deals

If you’re interested in an Alexa smart speaker with better audio quality and Dolby Atmos support, the Echo Studio is the Amazon product to check out. Unfortunately, however, the Echo Studio is currently only available at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy for its usual asking price of $199.99.


A great-sounding smart speaker that features support for a slew of streaming music services.

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The best Echo Show 5 deals

If you are looking for a compact Echo device that functions more as a smart clock than an entertainment speaker, the Echo Show 5 is the Echo device to consider. The latest edition, which launched last year, features an always-on microphone, an upgraded 2MP camera, a 5.5-inch display, and a physical shutter, allowing you to block the camera’s view.

Right now, the second-gen Echo Show 5 is available at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy in blue, black, or white for $34.99, an all-time low on the capable smart display.


Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is an ideal smart display for a nightstand. You can set alarms with Alexa using your voice, play music, control smart displays, get a weather report, and more. When the alarm goes off, you merely need to tap the top of the Echo Show 5 to snooze it.

The best Echo Show 5 Kids Edition deals

The Echo Dot isn’t the only Echo device with a kid-friendly design. The Echo Show 5 Kids Edition offers all of the same features as the standard, second-gen Echo Show 5, only with a vibrant print on the rear and a year of Amazon’s Kids Plus service, which grants your family access to a trove of videos, games, and other kid-friendly content. It even comes with a two-year warranty, providing a bit of protection from whatever your child might (literally) throw at it.

As far as pricing goes, the Echo Show 5 Kids is currently matching its best price to date in the run-up to Amazon’s Prime Early Acces Sale. For a limited time, you can pick up the compact smart display for $39.99 ($55 off) at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.


The Echo Show 5 Kids Edition offers the same features as the standard, second-gen Echo Show 5, only with a kid-friendly vibrant print on the rear, a year of Amazon’s Kids Plus service, and a two-year warranty.

The best Echo Show 8 deals

Like the Echo Show 5, the Echo Show 8 is available in two distinct models, both of which feature 8-inch displays and dual speakers. However, unlike the first-gen Echo Show 8, the newer model is equipped with a 13MP camera and some unique software tricks, one of which grants it the ability to keep the subject centered in the frame as they move around.

We recently saw the first-gen Show 8 drop to $54.99 ($55 off) at Amazon and Best Buy, which is the smart display’s current sale price. As for the second-gen model, it’s readily available at retailers like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy for $69.99, its lowest price to date. Amazon is also offering select customers six months of Amazon Music Unlimited with the purchase of either the first- or second-gen model, though, the retailer doesn’t stipulate how to qualify.


The last-gen Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s mid-size smart display. It features a sharp, 8-inch screen and most of the features found on the second-gen model, though, it lacks the latter’s 13MP camera and speedy performance.


The Echo Show 8 is the midsized smart display in Amazon’s current Echo lineup and can be used to display the weather, news, calendars, grocery lists, and more. You can also use it to control your smart home devices, watch streaming video, or listen to music. It even supports video calling via Zoom and Amazon’s Alexa calling service.

The best Echo Show 10 deals

Last year, Amazon released a third-gen Echo Show 10. The device features a 10.1-inch HD screen and, unlike the Show 5 and Show 8, the 2021 model allows you to adjust the angle of the screen. It’s also mounted on a motorized, swiveling base that allows the display to follow you as you move. If you plan on doing a lot of video calling, this is the model to get.

We’ve seen the latest Echo Show 10 get discounted to as low as $200, but no active deals are available right now. If you still want to pick it up, however, you can get it for $249.99 — the smart display’s typical retail price — at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. Like with other Echo devices, Amazon is also offering six months of Amazon Music Unlimited to select customers.


Amazon’s rotating Echo Show 10 has a motor within its cylindrical base that lets its 10.1-inch display spin around to find you, so you’ll always have the screen within view. It’s the best smart display for making video calls.

The best Echo Show 15 deals

Unlike other smart displays in Amazon’s Echo lineup, the new Echo Show 15 is a large, wall-mounted device with a 15.6-inch touch display. It’s designed to replace the likes of bulletin boards and calendars, and as such, it functions as a shared hub for families where everyone can see digital sticky notes, upcoming calendar appointments, shopping lists, and other reminders. It also features support for Alexa, meaning it offers the same functionality as other Echo displays and smart speakers, and you can even use it as a decent 1080p TV in your kitchen or to display photos and artwork. It’s even compatible with an optional stand, though, we’d argue it remains a better fit for your wall than your countertop given its size.

Having launched at the end of last year, we’ve seen very few discounts on the Echo Show 15. That said, you can currently buy it at Amazon and Best Buy for $249.99, its full retail price and $50 more than its most recent sale price. Both retailers (Best Buy / Amazon) are also throwing in a second-gen Echo Show 5 at no additional cost, though, each retailer requires you to select the correct configuration or add the second-gen Show 5 to your car prior to checking out.


The Echo Show 15 is a large, wall-mounted device that acts as a shared hub for families to view upcoming calendar appointments, virtual notes, and more. The 15.6-inch device also features the same Alexa functionality as other Echo displays and smart speakers.


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