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bootcamp – MACOS Monterey Boot Camp Assistant disk cannot be partitioned

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I have a late 2015 iMac 27″ – which previously had a 32Gb Fusion Drive and 1TB HDD… sometime ago I swapped out the 32Gb for a 1TB NVMe drive and the 1TB HDD for a 1TB SSD as i was dual booting macos on the NVMe drive and Fedora on the SSD. I’ve now opted to dual boot macos and Windows – and couldn’t achieve this in the setup above. I read a post stating I had to reset the Fusion drive – which I’ve now done and done a clean install of macos Monterey.

However, despite the Fusion Drive appearing to show the correct combined volume of 2TB – I constantly receive a message saying there isn’t enough space to be successfully partitioned – I also can’t manually partition this through Disk Utility either in macos or macos recovery. I don’t have Time Machine enabled and there are no snapshots.




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