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Is there any alternative to finder?

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I’m not gonna mince words. I need a non shit file explorer. One that has a path I can copy, paste and edit. One that won’t keep beeping when I try to paste in a valid path. Maybe one with search functions in the UI, but I’m not trying to be picky.

Something functional that lets me say "one folder up please" regardless of context and not tell me "nah man, sometimes you can’t go a folder up, even if the path literally allows you to do it. But I got this path as a root and I don’t know how to go 1 up".

I’m sick and tired of opeining the "go to path" dialog, and it beeping in disrespect. What’s the point of me checking the option to see the path, if copying it works, but pasting it does not.

I hate it when I try to download something, the choose folder dialog says "Work" and I pressing "back" does nothing, despite "Work" being by no means anywhere near the root "~/what/ever/Work". But nooo, can’t go one up. And I can’t paste the path, despite pasting the path anywhere else working as expected. No special characters, no leading newline, nothing.

It is the most god-awful file explorer I’ve ever seen, total commander blows it out of the watter several million times over, and I want one that works. Please, for the love of all that is holly, tell me something like this exists!

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