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Amazon Prime Day brings the best deal we’ve seen on the new AirPods Pro

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Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, a.k.a. Amazon Prime Day 2.0, has arrived, and with it comes the best discount we’ve seen yet on Apple’s newest AirPods Pro. Right now, you can buy them on sale for just $223.24 instead of $249. That’s a small price cut, true, but it’s also the steepest discount we’ve seen on the noise-canceling earbuds since they launched just a few weeks ago.

While the second-gen AirPods Pro aren’t dramatically different from their predecessor, they do include new swipe-based controls and better noise cancellation. They also now come with four replaceable ear tips instead of three, which might make them more comfortable for listeners with smaller ears. Plus, their MagSafe charging case differs from others in the AirPods lineup in that it features a built-in speaker and Find My support, which means Apple users can keep track of it more easily. There’s also a built-in loop, so you can attach the case to a lanyard. They may not be the best-sounding wireless earbuds we’ve tested, but they still sound good – and as they integrate quite nicely with other Apple devices, could be a good option for Apple users. For more about the new AirPods Pro, be sure to check out our review.

If the second-generation AirPods Pro are too expensive for you, fret not, because you can also buy Apple’s second-generation AirPods for just $89.99 instead of $129 from Amazon and Walmart. True, they don’t offer active noise cancellation, a wireless charging case, nor water resistance. However, if you don’t need those features, these buds still sound good, offer decent battery life, and also integrate well with other Apple devices.  Read our review.

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