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Get up to 44% off Roborock robot vacuums & mops until October 15

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Roborock vacuums are heavily discounted.

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Get great deals on Roborock’s lineup of robot vacuum cleaners and mops during the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, starting from October 11.

If you want to cut down the amount of cleaning in your home, a cleaning robot could be a great help. With Roborock offering great deals on a number of its robot vacuums during the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, now is a great opportunity to get a cleaner to save time and effort simultaneously.

The Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is being held for 48 hours on October 11 and October 12. However, Roborock’s deals will last for up to five days, from October 11 to October 15, giving you more of a chance to get one of the cleaning appliances at a discount.

All of the deals are available from Roborock’s deals page on Amazon, and is headed up with the Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop.

Roborock S7+

Roborock S7+

Roborock S7+

A self-emptying vacuum, the Roborock S7+ has a dock that can empty the robot after cleanup, with a capacity for up to 120 days of cleaning. Using LiDAR, it can create an accurate map of your home and to create cleaning routes, refined over time with its adaptive route algorithms.

As well as vacuuming, the robot also has a mopping function, complete with sonic vibration technology to scrub up to 3,000 times a minute, pulling up dried-on dirt. It is smart enough to deal with carpets, with an auto-lift function to avoid wetting carpets, and even the option to keep away from carpets altogether.

Roborock Q5 and Q5+

Roborock Q5+

Roborock Q5+

The Q5 Robot Vacuum is an upgraded version of Roborock’s S4 Max, with 2,700Pa suction to pick up pet hair and fine dust from carpet. Running for up to 180 minutes at a time, it can handle a 3,230 square foot home on a single charge, while its large 470ml bin is designed to be emptied less often, and even with the Auto Empty Dock Pure if that is also acquired.

Guided by LiDAR with the ability to save up to four maps, the vacuum is also able to be controlled by the companion app, which details the route, enables cleaning schedules, can be used to mark invisible walls and no-go zones, and to adjust the suction power. It also has the capability to increase suction when carpet is detected.

If you want to go down the full automation route, the Q5+ adds in the Self-Empty Dock, with its 2.5-liter capacity able to hold up to 7 weeks of dirt.

Roborock is discounting the Q5+ package by 31%, bringing it down to $479.99 until October 15.

Q7 Max+ Robot Vacuum & Mop combo

Roborock Q7 Max+

Roborock Q7 Max+

The Q7 Max+ is a combo robot vacuum and mop, with a twin cleaning option to remove fine dust that vacuuming alone may not pick up. While the vacuum has a powerful 4,200Pa suction, the mop has an electronic pump with 30 water flow levels, so you can fine-tune the cleaning for your floor type and preferences.

Navigating by LiDAR for 3D mapping your home, it can manage up to 3,229 square feet of space in its 180-minute maximum runtime. Once it’s finished cleaning, it can deposit to the included Auto Empty Dock Pure with a 2.5-liter dust bag, which can contain up to seven weeks of debris.

The Q7 Max+ is down 31% for the sale, bringing it down to $599.99 until October 15.

Roborock S7

Roborock S7 MaxV

Roborock S7 MaxV

The S7 robot vacuum and mop is the winner of 17 Best of CES 2021 awards, with a 2,500Pa HyperForce suction for the vacuum that also uses a multi-directional floating brush for close cleaning on uneven surfaces. The mop, with 600g of pressure and Sonic Mopping Technology that scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute, is fed by a 300ml water tank to lift caked-on mud from kitchen floors.

It also has an intelligent mop lifting system to allow for cleaning hard floors and carpet in the same cleaning cycle, without dampening carpets. It uses an ultrasonic carpet recognition system to boost suction when a carpet is detected, to maximize the cleaning. Connecting over Wi-Fi, it works with the companion app for setting where it can and can’t go, monitoring routes, and setting cleaning schedules.

The S7 is down 37% until October 12, pricing it at $409.99 for the sale.

The S7 MaxV offers the same Sonic Vibration mopping technology as the S7, as well as the same brush and multi-floor cleaning, but with quite a few upgrades. For a start, the suction is raised to 5,100Pa, with added LiDAR navigation.

The smarts continue with ReactiveAI 2.0 obstacle avoidance, which uses a camera with LED to recognize hazards and avoid them, even in dark rooms. You can even use the robot vacuum for video calls, dialing into the vacuum and using its camera to see and hear who you’re talking to anywhere in your home.

Going one stage further, the S7 MaxV+ takes what the S7 MaxV offers, but adds in an auto-empty dock that can store up to 120 days of dust and debris before you have to empty it. The dock also has a multi-stage filtration system to keep the air in your home fresh and clean.

Roborock E5 (budget-friendly) model

Roborock E5

Roborock E5

The E5 robot vacuum and mop is a great entry-level option if you want to clean both carpets and hard floors. Able to vacuum and mop simultaneously, it can handle over 1,600 square feet of floor space when mopping, with the combined mop and vac functions able to remove fine dirt that vacuuming alone may miss.

For vacuuming, its 200-minute runtime can help clear 2,152 square feet of flooring, with its 2,500Pa HyperForce suction able to pull dust and hair from deep inside carpets. Its 640ml dustbin can store a large amount of dust and dirt, reducing the need to empty it as often. It also uses an OpticEye and dual gyroscope system for precision internal mapping, and uses a Z-shape path for fast and effective cleaning.

The E5 is discounted 44% during the sale, bringing it down to just $199.99 until October 15.

Roborock Dyad Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Roborock Dyad Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Roborock Dyad Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Lastly, if you want great cleaning but don’t mind doing it manually, the Dyad Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum gives you just that. Offering dual roller motors and a multi-roller cleaning head, it can handle wet and dry stains easily, complete with edge-to-edge cleaning.

The brushes also have a self-cleaning system, cleaning themselves as you clean the floor so you don’t use a dirty brush on clean floors. After cleaning, the brushes wash themselves to be ready for next time. It’s also an adaptive cleaner with onboard sensors determining how much water and suction to use for maximum cleaning.

Usually $449.99, you can get the Dyad Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum for $314.99, a 30% discount that runs until October 15.

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