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ios appstore – Does Apple allow crypto-currency mining in ios app?

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Apple prohibits direct mining of cryptocurrencies on iPhone and iPad. The Cupertino-based company has updated its app developer guidelines. … In the future, apps that mine directly on the devices will be banned.

I’ve familiarized myself with an app and can only talk about it well. The app makes it possible to verify the transactions between cryptocurrencies in order to get a share of the falling fees. The app mints the XMRig (Monero) algorithm as it only uses the CPU because most of them are more likely to have a better CPU than CPU. You want it to be usable for everyone.But that doesn’t work on iOS, but on macOS. A demo is running on iOS that shows the hash rate but still gives BItcoins for it.

I do not notice any loss of performance or any loss of battery. In the battery category in the settings, I can see that the app uses approx. 1-2% of the battery. Depending on how often you have them in the forground.

According to the app’s quote, only a demo is running on the devices. Nevertheless, the number of Bitcoins is increasing and 100% can be paid out. (Everything checked by myself) CryptoTab

Mining is not allowed on IOS devices, but you can use your smartphone
or tablet to access server dependent mining. When you run the service
on your device, the algorithm will calculate the speed you would get
with real mining on the device and you will see a real hash rate.
Cryptocurrency that has been mined this way can be withdrawn to your
CryptoTab account

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