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ios – how to backup my ipad mini 2 ipa apps and restore the exact same version later?

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I want to backup my actual “apps” from my iPad mini 2 onto a Windows PC that I can then archive myself, so in case anything happened – I can simply “cut/paste” those apps onto a new iPad. How do I do that?

My understanding (from what I’ve been reading) is Apple/iTunes doens’t actulaly backup the “apps” – but simply a “reference” to them on the iTunes store – such that if you say formatted your iPad – then “restored” it – it actually “downloads” the app from the iTunes store – and more specifically – the most recent app version.

The BIG big problem is I don’t want the “newest” app version for some of my apples (because it seems some of them are crippleware/newer versions REMOVE functionality/etc) – and I want to actually use the very specific app version I have, with the authentication/etc that I already did to use it.

So… how would I backup the actual “app” + “data” (using a Windows/PC) – such that if I say formatted my iPad – I could then simply cut/paste the backup – copy it onto my iPad – and then ‘voila’ everything would magically work – with the “same” versions and “exact” same apps I had (not “updated” apps, not “newer” apps, etc)…

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