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keyboard – How to have Emacs keybindings everywhere in Macbook Air M1 Monterey 12.5? Is tweaking ~/Library/KeyBindings/ the best approach?

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I am new to macOS and a big fan of Emacs. I am trying to achieve Emacs keybindings everywhere.

Despite the fact that I have read multiple times on the web people stating that macOS was friendly and out of the box with Emacs keybindings, I am having some hassles. Obviously, the problems happen outside of Emacs. In Emacs, things work as expected.

I am struggling with copy, paste, cut, for instance. But I also used to have problems with those in Linux (Ubuntu/NixOs).

Unlike in macOS, in Linux I managed to get M-b (move back word) and M-f (move forward) to work.

It is possible to do it with Command-M-b and Command-M-f but I do not want to change my habbit/muscle memory. I want to make this new computer adapt to me – not the opposite.

Some old posts (like #1, #2, #3, #4) mention a tweak on ~/Library/KeyBindings/. By the way, a lot of posts are mentioning Jacob Rus’ comprehensive guide which is hosted on Harvard University domain…. But the link is broken.

Unfortunately, I cannot even find this folder:

Pedros-MacBook-Air:Library pedro$ pwd
Pedros-MacBook-Air:Library pedro$ cd Key
Keyboard/         Keyboard Layouts/ KeyboardServices/ Keychains/ 

How to find ~/Library/KeyBindings/ in Mac M1 Monterey 12.5?
Should I create it?

Also, others posting more recent content are suggesting other alternatives, such as Karabiner-elements (#1 #2). Karabiner-elements can also be useful for short keys to launch applications.

What is the best technical practice to change keybindings in macOS?
What are the technical arguments around every solution?

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