launchd – Want to remove filevault prompt on shutdown/reboot

SubhamOctober 11, 2022
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Whenever I’m logged in as a certain user and trigger a shutdown or restart, I get prompted to enable filevault. I have searched everywhere to find the hook that causes this prompt, but I can’t find it.

I’ve searched all the LaunchDaemon and LaunchAgent directories I can find.

I’ve reviewed the output of launchctl find.

I’ve done other things in the past as well but I don’t remember them all.

I have upgraded my computer and transfered my user account multiple times since this started happening. It seems to stick to my user account.

I believe this might have come from Symantec Endpoint Encryption that installed from my employer many years ago. But I’ve also tried all the uninstaller techniques I can find for that.

It appears after all the desktop stuff has gone away.

Any ideas for where else I can look for a hook that might trigger this?

Update: FileVault is not currently enabled on the disk and I do not want to enable it.


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