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Mac-Forums shadowblocking? – Web Applications Stack Exchange

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I ran into a weird issue where started running slowly while logged in and misdirecting to the home page or getting into redirect loops after a super-user or mod didn’t like something I said trying to clarify an issue they misunderstood (not rudely in my opinion, but firmly and bluntly, and I was frustrated). When I could get the thread to load, I realized that they were offended, but now I’m unable to reach them because of the misloading, so I can’t even show them what’s happening or ask for any further info.

Has anyone else run into this?

I’m just not finding a good place to ask about this now… there doesn’t seem to be a particular Reddit forum for asking about it, and the ones I thought may be interested just had the post removed for not being on topic enough I guess. I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to ask, but I can’t figure out where to ask, and forums seem to be far harder to have this kind of discussion in anymore, and the old tried-and-true forum format seems to be being eaten by Slack and Discord (and I’m not finding a place to ask there about this either), so I’m reaching out here as a last hope to finding an answer.

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