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macbook pro – rMBP 2015: Force Click is not working for look up and data detectors

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I have a similar issue documented in “Force Click Not Working on Macbook” but none of the resolutions mentioned in the discussion solves my case.

Here are my findings so far:

1) It only worked on the first day

2) I have “Force click with one finger” set for “Look up & data detectors”. It still doesn’t work. I switched to “Tap with three fingers” and the look up works fine.

3) I tried Force Click on other functions (eg: calendar, quicktime, dock, etc) all are working fine. This indicates that hardware is good.

4) I upgraded OS X to 10.10.3 and it does not work still.

I am totally stuck now and appreciate for any suggestion on what might have gone wrong. Thanks!

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