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macos – Bluetooth Audio – Volume lowers randomly

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I’m facing some issues with the Bluetooth Audio on MacOS Monterey. Basically I start playing some audio, high volume, and audio lowers all of the sudden. It’s not a big difference, actually it’s hard to tell but it exists. When I go to settings > audio > mute and then unmute, volume goes back to normal and it’s fully noticeable.

I’m currently using SoundSource app. My headphones are Sony WF-XB700 (Bluetooth). This didn’t happen on MacOs Big Sur. This issue doesn’t occur if I’m using wired headphones.

Also, if I use an equaliser and I make the sound clip (distort), the volume goes down and never comes back unless I reconnect my headphones or do the mute/unmute trick. Volume can be set at max (100%) but it sounds like it was set at 50%.

This behaviour doesn’t happen with any other devices, only with my Mac on MacOs Monterey.

I’ve set the bluetooth daemon (bluetoothaudiod) parameters as follows:

"AAC Bitrate" = 128;
"AAC CBR" = 0;
"Apple Bitpool Max" = 64;
"Apple Bitpool Min" = 2;
"Apple Initial Bitpool" = 40;
"Disable HFP" = 0;
"Enable AAC codec" = 1;
"Enable AptX codec" = 1;

Is there anything on the system that might be causing this?

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