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Meta Connect 2022: all the news on the Quest Pro

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After months of teasing, it’s time for Meta to introduce its high-end virtual reality headset. Mark Zuckerberg will open Meta Connect 2022 with a keynote presentation sharing updates on his company’s work on their various metaverse projects. Expect updates on Horizon Worlds and Horizon Workrooms — its apps for fun and business in the digital world — plus at least one big new hardware announcement: the introduction of the much-teased and occasionally leaked Quest Pro headset.

This is a big moment for Meta. The company is a year out from its rebrand away from Facebook, its metaverse initiatives have been burning billions of dollars, and the company has been struggling with revenue and user growth all the while. The result has been some very unhappy investors, with Meta’s stock falling by more than half over the course of the year. At Connect, Zuckerberg has a chance to show what the company has been working on and prove that it’s all starting to add up.

Meta Connect 2022 kicks off at 1PM ET / 10AM PT. The event will be streaming online — and, naturally, in VR as well inside Horizon Worlds for those who own a Quest 2 headset.

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