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iPhoto Library.photolibrary file is 311GB (yes I still use and love iPhoto). Size shows on Disk but where shows iCloud, yet it is not visible on iCloud via other devices and shows cloud with slash so I know it hasn’t copied to iCloud. iPhoto does pull up just fine, finds the library under documents folder.

Side note, it did show ineligible for a long time (after I moved it out of pictures folder to documents folder on iCloud). Now shows the 311GB (yeah) which is how I discovered I needed more iCloud storage so did that today (2TB) and expected to see the up arrow to show it moving to iCloud but it still sits with cloud with slash. I tried to drag and drop but nothing.

My hard drive is failing and my backup is old (shame on me) so this is critical for me. I can’t seem to make a copy of it where it is at to another physical hard drive either. It is almost as if it is in limbo between cloud and hard disk.

Help, I don’t want to lose this file!

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