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ical – Can’t delete shared event from mac calendar

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5-10 years ago, I had a weekly meeting with a colleague. I’m in Pacific time (California), he was on Australian time (Sydney). We stopped having this meeting after a couple years and it disappeared from my macOS calendar, and I forgot all about it.

Recently I noticed it is coming up on my Google calendar, when I share my Apple calendar into Google (so I can easily see my calendar on my Windows machine). The event is shared though so of course on the Google calendar, I can’t manipulate it at all.

I have scoured my mac calendar, and the event is simply not there. Anywhere, ever. A search for it (or a partial search for some of the meeting’s name) turns up nothing. No such meeting exists, at all.

I would really like to get rid of it from my Google calendar, because I keep seeing this slot once a week that has something in it and it throws me until I realize it’s that phantom meeting. It overlaps with things, etc. It’s a real nuisance I can’t figure out how to get rid of.

Re-adding the meeting in Google changes nothing. Incognito mode with Google still shows it. The meeting does not appear in either my mac or iOS calendar applications.

Is there any way on my side I can do anything about this? I would rather not have to contact this former colleague (while we haven’t worked together in years, I definitely could reach out as we’re on fine terms, but it’s such a peculiar “little” thing to ask him to go chase down, I would really rather not have to) to get help with this, I would like to just nuke this silly thing. Any ideas anyone?

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