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Don’t forget to update the software on your MagSafe cable

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Apple issued an important software update recently — and we’re not talking for iPhone, Mac, iPad or Apple Watch. It’s 2023, so it’s for something way more esoteric: a power cable.

Yes, the USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable comes with a tiny computer inside of it that needs software updates, for some inscrutable reason.

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How to update firmware on your Apple power cable

Plug the cable in by pointing the magnetic end at the side of the computer.
Photo: Apple

How can you get the exciting new features of USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable (2 m) Firmware Version 3.1.12 (10M1543)? Updating is easy.

First, attach the MagSafe connector (that would be the side of the cable that’s magnetic) into your MacBook. Next, plug the USB-C side of the cable into the power adapter. Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet for good measure.

Eventually, the cable will update its firmware by itself.

Why is the world like this?

Apple has also released a firmware update for the MagSafe Duo, a ridiculous, overpriced, slow charger with a stupid flimsy design that doesn’t even properly fit Apple’s own iPhone 14 Pro or Apple Watch Ultra. To update it, you need to plug your charger into an iPad or a Mac, which no one will ever do.

As silly as that product may be, in truth, no one will have to fuss over the firmware version of their power cable. This is designed to be a completely invisible process to the user — as it ought to be.

It’ll happen on its own the next time you charge your MacBook. In fact, it might have happened already; this firmware was released yesterday.

I reached out to Apple PR to inquire on the contents of this software update and ask what users can expect to see with this new firmware version but they declined to comment. Much less pick up my calls.

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