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RiotPWR launches combo Lightning & USB-C controller

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RiotPWR iPhone controller

RiotPWR makes cloud gaming controllers for Apple hardware, and its newest product works on not just a Lightning iPhone, but a USB-C iPad too.

The controller, which is modeled after console controllers, has two joysticks, Xbox-style button selections, and an eight-way D-pad. Along with an audio DAC and headphone connection, there is a built-in share button for social media or streaming and recording gameplay.

“Competitors’ controllers come in Lightning and USB-C variations, but their designs limit users to one connection ability. Apple gamers would need to buy a brand-new controller to play on future Apple devices such as iPads,” said Fraser Townley, CEO of RiotPWR. “RiotPWR has always made future-proofing a priority when designing our controllers with our unique swappable and upgradable connection design.”

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