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macbook pro – How to know if a mac is under DEP (Device Enrollment Program)?

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I just bought a used macbook air 2015
I made a system restore… and was confident the mac is not stolen because of these checks

1- there were no icloud on the computer, and I was able to add my own iCloud normally.

2- the mac firmware had no password

but now, I see something that I have never seen before

I keep seeing this message, always skipping it

1- what are the consequences of allowing DEP, and is it reversible?

2- how to contact the person who has DEP and ask them to remove it from the program?

3- when buying a new mac, how to know if it’s on DEP? (the most important question)

4- someone on IRC said that if i was unable to authorize my machine from itunes then the machine is on DEP.. is this correct?

5- the same person on IRC says that there could be a previous owner, and this owner can format my computer and see all of my files even if i have my own icloud on it, is this correct?

the person who sold it to me imported 60 macs from a closed startup in sweden, I can return it to the seller and get my money back, but I really need an answer for these questions…

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