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Secret to reorganizing app grid view on watch (without going crazy)?

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Has anyone figured out the secret to reorganizing apps on an Apple Watch without going crazy?

Specifically, I’m trying to figure out a pattern for moving apps around so that it doesn’t move other apps away from where I’ve already put them. The current algorithm seems to be designed to try to get me to commit suicide, b/c as I move apps away, it creates holes, and apps I already put at the top jump into the holes. That then creates holes in the top, but when I try to move apps into the top holes, that creates other holes, and then other apps from the top fall into the new holes.

My goal is to have the top three rows contain apps that I use the most, grouped so that apps that are related in how I use them are next to each other. Instead, all I can seem to do is convince myself that I should stop using ever other app on the watch, and only use the mindfulness app, so that I don’t kill myself from fighting with this algorithm!

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