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Why is my apple watch stealing notifications from my iphone?

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On my iPhone I have calendar alerts notifications turned on with the following boxes checked.

  • “Lock Screen”
  • “Notification Center”
  • “Banners”

If I have an appointment with a 15 minute alert, then 15 minutes before the appointment, there is a faint vibration from on my watch and, if the watch’s screen happens to be on, the notification appears there.

But my iphone just sits there like a lump. There is no vibration or sound.

If my watch is not on my wrist, the opposite is the case. The alert comes to the phone but not the watch.

In both cases, I’m seeing nothing on my ipad.

I suspect that this is true for most notifications, not just calendar alerts.

Why is this happening and how can I set it up so that all alerts come all devices?

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