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thunderbolt – Mac OS Ventura and multiple *different* external displays

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So, I have a work Macbook which I plug into my regular Type-C Thunderbolt docking station on my workstation.

I have 2 monitors plugged into that docking station: one is an LG Ultrawide (2560×1080), the other is a sub-display for my secondary workbench to view measurement graphs and things, some random Mitsubishi at 1024×768.

Previously I had no problems with this setup, but after updating to Ventura the Mac will always switch to 1024×768 unless I walk to the workbench and unplug the DVI lead from the Mitsubishi.

The Displays control panel also doesn’t have any resolutions for my Ultrawide as long as the Mitsubishi is plugged in.

Is there a way to fix the resolution to be correct on both monitors? Unplugging and plugging again, power cycling, either displays, the dock, the Mac, or all of them, doesn’t change things — the moment the Mitsubishi is connected, all displays are hard-fixed to 1024×768.

This is definitely not a problem with the dock, since it works just fine on my personal laptop and used to work fine before upgrading to Ventura too.

I’m running 13.2 build 22D49, but it’s been a few updates I think, without no change whatsoever (aside from Night Shift starting to turn off on sunset instead of turning on :P)

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