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Is there any way to find out cpu/memory usage with idb or wda in ios device?

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I was looking for how to get cpu and memory usage data of ios devices with the help of idb and wda(webDriverAgent) api but didn’t get the expected result. so, is there any possible way to get those data without any application just using idb or any command line tool?

I tried using instruments but those are saved as .trace files and sometime it’s breaks also and I want the data real-time so not feasible with the help of instruments.

I also look for alternative commands of idb but not get the desired output as there’s no proper documentation and much more example of idb commands usage so, unble to understand them.

Let me know if there’s proper way to find out cpu and memory usage of desired ios device which is connected to the mac machine.

Any kind of suggestion will be very helpful.

Thanks, Himanshu

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